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Syafana Graha Raya Excursion semester 1

One of the school program in Syafana-Graha Raya is Excursion, the goal of the event was showing students much about outside school areas to enrich their knowledge. Playgroup students they went to fish shop related to their theme in science subject, they introduced kinds of fishes and how to take care of them. Alhamdulillah they were happy with the activities because when they returned to  school they brought one gold fish each.

Kindergarten 1 level held it’s excursion on 18th September with the theme “land transportation” they got their experiences with a unique journey around Graha Raya streets by “Thomas Kereta Mini” (a car without windows) Alhamdulillah along the journey students were joyful and enthusiastic to observe things such as buildings, kinds of transportations, people etc.

Kindergarten 2 level visited the “BANI UMAR MASJID” the most famous masjid in Graha Raya area, related to their subject in Islamic studies with the theme kinds of places of worship. Subhanallah the excursion from all levels were well done, hopefully the students will remember everything they saw and felt.

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Next event : Breakfasting Ramadan Performance

ramadhan performanceDate : August 2nd, 2013

Time : 3 – 6 pm

Place : Hall of Syafana Islamic School Graha Raya


Performances :

• Fahion show

• Tahfidz

• Music & movement

• Interaction Quiz


Don’t miss it…


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Welcome Teachers, Students, and Staff Back to School

www.syafana.com. Alhamdulillah, Syafana Islamic School is ready to run the activities again, after our school holidays from June 20th – July 15th 2013. Welcome to school year 2013-2014.  Now everyone is back to school! The beginning of a new school year, an exciting time and an important transition period for some returning from vacation. Our school year is off to a good start with a warm welcome from recognition and appreciation ideas for teachers, students, and staff.

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Welcoming Parents Academic Year 2013-2014

welcoming parent

www.syafana.com. Alhamdulillah.. Welcoming Parents event was done on July 6th and 13th 2013, Teachers and Parents gathered in the Hall of Syafana Islamic School, Gading serpong and Graha Raya. It was an exciting time for Syafana Islamic School as we begin the process of helping our students grow academically and spiritually.  Together, we want to provide the best educational and spiritual facilities for our students and parents.

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One Love One World

1 lovewww.syafana.com. With the theme 1 love 1 world, the assembly for playgroup level was done successfully on 12th April 2013, it was about countries in the world. With the theme, we introduced students to names of countries and most places from the countries such as Indonesia, Japan, America etc. The audiences were students from kindergarten 1 and 2, playgroup parents & teachers. They enjoyed the performances. Done by class teachers who created the performance with very good slides, music and movement. And students wore special costumes according to the countries. Alhamdulillah playgroup students were confident, brave and happy during the assembly.  For closing the event the students sang “heal the world” holding flags. Thanks to the parents for their support with this event.